Room Additions & Extensions


If you want to enjoy all the amenities and space you have been dreaming of for a while now in your existing home, then ConstructSCS is the right place for you to look for room addition and extension services. Most of the American homes in New York City are benefiting from our service and adding more space and more natural insulations.

When you appoint us for the additional service, we make sure that all your demands will be fulfilled in the given space and in the budget you have provided us



Our specialized team is made from the highly trained individuals who have been working on home addition projects for many years. So our professionals know all the ins and outs of the room addition and extension projects.

After the project is completed, you will see how the new room elevates your home interior, and now you can bring in more people to stay overnight or for the house warming parties. When our work is complete, you won’t feel your place to be overcrowded when the number of guests comes to your home to celebrate Christmas. Buying a new home will be a significant investment, and it could quickly drain all your savings. As a result, if there is a newcomer in the family, you can give us a call, and we will add a new room in your existing space in a pocket-friendly way.